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Best Places to visit in India in June

Summers get more blazing with time and we realize that a rundown of best places to visit in India in June is precisely what you require at this moment. From tempting spots to visit to energizing activities, we've recorded all that you have to think about these spots to visit in India in June.
places to visit in Rishikesh

1. Ladakh 

On the off chance that at all there is a goal in India pressed with activity, it without a doubt is Ladakh. Being the first out of the best places to visit in India in June, Ladakh is synonymous with its serene cloisters, mountain ranges, unblemished lakes, various trails, most noteworthy motorable streets and all-encompassing perspectives, all getting it done. Visit it with family or companions, the appeal of Ladakh can be savored by everybody.

The climate in June: Ladakh appreciates a radiant climate in June and the temperature run is in the middle of 20°C to 30°C. 

Real Attractions: Nubra Valley, Shanti Stupa, Khardung La, Thikse Monastery, Leh Palace, Magnetic Hill, Gompa, Chang La and some more. 

2. Auli 

Snowbound from every one of the sides, Auli in Uttarakhand is a standout amongst the most cool spots to visit in India in summer and one has a great deal of motivations to visit Auli. Taking you nearer to the Himalayas, spending this summers in Auli will without a doubt be an ordeal of a lifetime. While the goal changes into a cold heaven in winters, it can similarly be investigated and appreciated at in summers. 

Climate in June: Auli is cool even in summers. The most extreme normal temperature recorded has never transcended 20°C. 
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3. Shimla 

Shimla shapes the focal point of getaways concerning the unmistakable incline stations from New Delhi, and is no ifs ands or buts remarkable among different spots to visit in India in June with family. Forming the base for an expansive bit of the pilgrims, Shimla also relates genuine objectives like that of Manali, Auli and Leh by methods for road and leads the voyagers to set out on without a doubt the most noteworthy outings. 

Atmosphere in June: The atmosphere is magnificently smooth and 15°C to 30°C is the most outrageous temperature recorded in Shimla.

4. Rishikesh 

A land that offers peace and enterprise in its purest shape, it doesn't come as an unexpected when Rishikesh which happens to be a standout amongst the most coolest spots to visit in India amid June is otherwise called the experience capital of India. Loaded with a portion of the best daring exercises, and so on and Rishikesh has everything. From boating to rappelling, enjoy exciting exercises that will inspire your internal swashbuckler in the blink of an eye. 

Climate in June: The climate in summers is direct and the temperature has been in the scope of 20°C to 35°C.

5. Goa 

A shoreline sweetheart's heaven, you will undoubtedly experience passionate feelings for Goa at the main sight. With its rich Portugese design, clamoring shorelines, and dynamic environs, Goa needs no acquaintance among the spots with go in June to a voyager who as of now wishes to spend the best of summer travels in Goa. 

Climate in June: Summers in Goa are nearly sweltering yet the shorelines do all the enchantment and temperature runs between 28°C to 33°C.

6. Tirthan Valley 

Being a standout amongst the most lovely and coolest places in India, Tirthan Valley got its name initially from the Tirthan waterway which courses through Himachal Pradesh from the Himalayan icy masses. Home to the acclaimed trout angles, Tirthan Valley fills in as an odd goal without which your rundown of summer excursion goals is absolutely fragmented. From the snow-topped mountains to the dazzling natural cabins, benefit as much as possible from summers at Tirthan Valley with your loved ones. 

Climate in June: Tirthan Valley appreciates a lovely climate and the normal temperature lies under 29°C.

7. Mount Abu 

Situated in the Sirohi locale, Mount Abu is the unparalleled slope station of Rajasthan set in the Aravalli scope of mountains. In a state acclaimed for deserts, spots to visit in Mount Abu fill in as a celebrated withdraw to get away from the pricking warmth of summers in Rajasthan. With a wonderful atmosphere all through the summers, Mount Abu is one of the most loved escapes for the greater part of the explorers living in North India. 

Climate in June: Mount Abu appreciates a wonderful atmosphere and the normal temperature lies between 17°C to 32°C.


  1. You can include hill stations in Kerala like Munnar, Wayanad, vagamon in the list because these locations have a good feel in monsoon time, will not be crowded and you can enjoy the nature in its beauty. Next time you can prepare best places to visit in june in each state in India, here is some tourist places list in Kerala

  2. thank you for your comment Vineeth Mungath. In future I will definitely concentrate on your suggestion. Well you can read my other post too.

  3. Thanks for sharing these all interesting place information that we can visit in june month, Ladakh amazes the travellers in many ways. The thrilling passes, beautiful monasteries, sky touching mountains. great post keep sharing. Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car